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Chai Tea Collagen Creamer Subscription

Chai Tea Collagen Creamer Subscription

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Radiant Skin
Healthy Gut
Energy & Focus
7g protein

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Transform your coffee, tea, or favorite milk into the healthiest part of your day with our one-of-a-kind collagen creamer. We've blended premium collagen with gut-healthy superfoods & focus-boosting nutrients.


Meet Your Collagen

“I've been using ThePerfect3 and as you can see, I'm glowing with radiance & strength 😊 I definitely feel great! I wanted to be sure that if I was going to choose collagen for my clinic, I was going to choose the BEST collagen!”

Dr. Leita Harris

“ I'm a long time fan of ThePerfect3. I was diagnosed with breast cancer this year and went through a lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation. I have never seen my eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair grow back so fast until after I added ThePerfect3 to my routine. I continue to take the products twice daily. I can't thank you enough Perfect3!”

Shelly L.

“Seriously, this collagen creamer is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. My skin is clearer and has a noticeable difference in tone and my gut health has improved. In less than a month I have never seen so much change from a single product.”

Jenae R.

“It makes every cup of coffee feel so luxurious, it’s a really nice way to start off my days. I love it so much that I took it on a trip with me and was devastated when I lost my bag in transit. I felt a noticeable difference during the week I didn’t have it – less energy and focus, my skin broke out more, and I was generally just not as fun of a person.”

Alex F.

“ I love adding the Chocolate Collagen Creamer to my coffee each morning. It helps me so much with recovery & soreness in my knees & hips after a long run. Plus, I love how frothy & delicious it makes my coffee!”

Portia M.

“ “ThePerfect3 has been an essential part of healing my gut. In a short period of time, it's helped me feel healthier and has lead to a big increase in energy. I love adding it to my matcha because it helps my skin glow, keeps me feeling full all day, and helps my mood!” ”

Sabrina W.

“ThePerfect3 Collagen Creamer has been such a tasty, simple and beneficial addition to my daily routine. Since trying this product my skin, gut health and energy have all improved. I highly recommend it and won’t use any other collagen around! ”

Ashley D.

  • Scoop 🥄

    Add 1-2 scoops to your favorite coffee, tea, or milk.
  • Mix 🪄

    Stir or froth until smooth.
  • Glow ✨

    Enjoy the benefits of smooth, healthy skin, fuller hair, elevated energy & focus, and improved gut health.
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Q & A

What is collagen creamer?

Our collagen creamer is a blend of collagen, coconut milk, and gut healthy superfoods designed to turn your coffee or tea into the healthiest part of your day.

Our collagen creamer combines pasture-raised collagen, focus-boosting MCT oil, and gut-healthy inulin fiber.

Each of these ingredients was hand-selected to boost mood, improve gut health, and increase focus and productivity. See below for details on the benefits of these ingredients.

How do I use it?

It's super simple! Add 1-2 tbsp of collagen creamer to your favorite coffee, tea, or milk.

Next, stir or frother with our Premium Hand Frother.


What time of day should I use it?

Good question! Many people choose to add our collagen creamer to their current morning coffee or tea for the natural energy boost, nourishment, and mental clarity.

In addition, we find that the satiating nature of our lattes makes them a great option for an afternoon pick-me-up. We also recommend either flavor as a great bedtime treat. Both flavors are great options when you are craving something sweet.

What does it taste like?

Both flavors are designed to provide a hint of flavor and to not overwhelm your beverage.

The Chocolate Coconut flavor tastes like a delicious chocolate with a light hint of coconut.

The Chai Tea flavor is a blend of traditional chai spices, including cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, & caramom, with a subtle hint of coconut.

Each flavor is just lightly sweetened so as not to overpower.

What is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. Collagen plays an important role in healthy joints, bones, muscles, gut health, and skin health.

Starting in our late 20's, we begin to produce less collagen and the collagen we have can begin to break down. Collagen loss speeds up with age. For all these reasons, we made high-quality, relentlessly clean collagen an essential part of our creamer so you could easily incorporate it in your daily routine.

Also, collagen may increase feelings of fullness or satiety, and reduce cravings.

What is MCT Oil?

MCT Oil is another major player in our creamer. We chose MCT oil to join the trio because it is a does SO MUCH for your body.

Our organic MCT oil is made from the healthy fats of coconuts.

First, MCT oil provides a great source of instant energy, without the jitters or anxiety of caffeine. The structure of MCT’s (medium-chain triglycerides), allows them to be absorbed more easily, making them a great source of quick energy for the body and brain.

Many people report greater mental clarity, focus, and productivity when consuming MCT’s on a regular basis.

Lastly, MCT’s have been shown to promote feelings of fullness.

What is inulin fiber?

Inulin is a cool ingredient that rounds out ThePerfect3 trifecta of ingredients.

Inulin is a prebiotic fiber that it acts as a yummy food source for the good bacteria in your gut.

Inulin was added to our creamer to give your gut some TLC because we know that good gut health is essential for stellar overall health.

Even more, these good gut bugs help us maintain a healthy weight, produce enough feel-good neurotransmitters, and reduce inflammation throughout the body.

Research has also suggested that inulin might be a good blood sugar stabilizer and an excellent aid for weight management.

Does it contain caffeine?

Nope! All our products are caffeine free.

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